LEGO Minecraft Micro World: The Village 21105 Villager Pig Zombie Micromob CHOP 673419215343

Love Minecraft and love LEGO? Combine both of your loves with the LEGO Minecraft Micro World - The Village. Create and customize your own hidden Minecraft world village completely out of LEGO bricks instead of virtual ones. With the LEGO Minecraft Micro World - The Village, based on the popular Minecraft series, kids can spend hours building their own houses and growing crops in real life that are exactly like those they construct in Minecraft. Be careful, though: aggressive zombies are out to bother the villagers. The LEGO Minecraft Micro World - The Village comes with three buildable Micromob figures: the pig, the villager and the zombie. With these three minifigures, you can enjoy The Village, a new biome in the micro-world of LEGO Minecraft. The villager is simple in design; he is bald, and his head consists of a tan 1x1 tile and two 1x1 plates that are printed with eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a distinctive black unibrow. He wears a brown tunic with a dark tan 1x1 plate that acts as his legs. The classic Minecraft zombie is formed using a mix of green shades for his head, which features a pair of eyes and a small mouth. The zombie wears a blue 1x1 brick with black plates for legs. The adorable pig figure is basic in design, only using a 1x1 brick with studs on two sides and a tile to form the figure that is complete with a 1x1 brick representing its tail. The pig’s tilted head is printed with a pair of eyes and a snout. The set comes with two houses, a farm, and a snowy mountain above an underground mineshaft. Inside the mineshaft, you’ll discover chests and TNT. Be careful when you go wandering as the mine’s walls can explode. Removable wall elements are included in the LEGO Minecraft Micro World for explosion effects. This LEGO Minecraft set contains 466 brick pieces that allow players to create a variety of customizable villages. Like in the real game, you can add your own creations, like houses and crops. Kids will love building amazing houses and tending crops. They will have to try their best to avoid the zombies that plague the village. Players can split the model into four sections and reconfigure it for a new experience. Combine this biome with others in the LEGO Minecraft Micro World series to build your own LEGO Minecraft world. If your kids are familiar with Minecraft or not, this LEGO set will inspire their imaginations and help develop their motor skills while they create in their own world. The set is perfect to build alone or alongside a parent or friend. Either way, players will be sure to create a unique village every time they begin. When it is constructed, the LEGO Minecraft Micro World measures 3 inches deep by 3 inches long and 3 inches high. The LEGO Minecraft Micro World is designed for kids aged 10 years and up. The Village is the second set in the LEGO Minecraft Micro World series by the LEGO group.
Product Identifiers
Brand LEGO
Model Micro World – The Village
MPN 21105
UPC 673419215343
Key Features
Theme Minecraft
Series Micro World
Recommended Age 10+
Type Bricks, Figures
Material Plastic

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