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Toddler Pillow, Delicate Organic Cotton Shell, HandCrafted in USA - Soft Yet Supportive, Washable and Hypoallergenic, No Pillowcase Needed, 13 X 18

by KidBaba
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  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton Shell/ Unique Hypoallergenic Poly Cluster Fiber Filling/ Truly Chemical Free: NO Pesticides, NO Herbicides, NO Fungicides, NO GMO's and NO Flame Retardants
  • Made in USA
  • TODDLER PILLOW LOVINGLY HAND-CRAFTED IN THE USA by a company with over 56 years of experience in pillow manufacturing (family founded, owned & operated since 1958)
  • THE SUPER SOFT ORGANIC COTTON SHELL, COMPLETELY CHEMICAL FREE AND USDA CERTIFIED, is dust-mite resistant and vastly superior to any 200 thread count cotton ticking. The filling is a proprietary hypoallergenic polyester fiber that washes extremely well and will never get lumpy.
  • DESIGNED WITH TOP CHIROPRACTORS AND PEDIATRICIANS. We put so much effort, love and care into making each little pillow, and you can instantly tell that by our product's exquisite craftsmanship and it's unparalleled level of comfort.
  • METICULOUSLY TESTED AND INDIVIDUALLY INSPECTED FOR QUALITY, our pillows are perfectly balanced between thin and fluffy and provide just the right amount of support for your toddler's neck, head and spine.
  • IF THE PILLOW IS NOT A PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE, we will send you a custom pillow with more or less filling, and you can keep the old pillow as a gift from us!

Designed Specifically for Toddlers, Hand-Crafted for Better Naps and a Restful, Soothing Sleep Every Time!

The coziness, warmth and comfort of this pillow will make your little one feel safe, relaxed, and right at home. They will want to take it everywhere with them and will look forward to having a restful sleep or nap. 

We spent hundreds of hours testing pillows with real kids (different sizes, different materials, various filling amounts). And we talked extensively with parents, grandparents, pediatricians, chiropractors and with the kids themselves. The result of our hard work is a pillow that is just right. A pillow that adjusts to your child’s sleeping habits and complements them perfectly. Little One’s Pillow. 


Little One's Pillow - Look No Further

A great pillow makes a world of difference in a toddler's sleep quality, general well-being and healthy development.

Over the years our pillow has greatly improved the sleep and bedtime routines of tens of thousands of toddlers around the world. It is time for your little one to experience the ultimate comfort that comes only from a product tailor made for them, well-researched and hand-crafted with great love.

Measuring 13 in. X 18 in. the pillow may seem tiny at first. But it's just in a toddler's size, perfect to keep their little head, neck and shoulders in a correct, healthy and comfortable position while sleeping. This small size offers a much more relaxed and personalized sleeping experience compared to larger pillows.

The filling amount is just as important as the pillow size. No matter if your little one is a tummy, back or side sleeper, our pillow will adjust to their individual sleeping style. The filling is soft and designed to easily compress according to use.

We also use little filling. As parents we thought that a full and really fluffy pillow is best, but after a lot of tests and working closely with specialists and with the kids themselves, we found that a pillow on the flatter side is the way to go. A flatter pillow is the most comfortable for toddlers, and it also helps them sleep in a healthy posture and makes the transition to a regular pillow an easy, safe and fun experience. 


Highest Quality Materials & Unmatched Craftsmanship

When we first started developing this little pillow we wanted to create a product that is soft but supportive, breathable, hypoallergenic and machine washable. And at the same time we wanted the pillow to be safe, healthy and as chemical free as possible. It was not easy, but we are very proud that we managed to achieve exactly that.

The delicate cover is made 100% out of premium organic cotton, grown and woven right here in the USA. Nothing is imported. Our organic cotton is truly chemical free, with absolutely no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no GMO's and no toxic defoliation chemicals. To make the cover mite resistant and keep any impurities out, we use a high thread-count and a special tight weave. This also makes the cover soft to the touch and eliminates the need for a pillowcase.

Light and soft, the filling is a proprietary cluster fiber. The filling is not 100% organic because it is man-made, but it is as chemical free as possible and unlike anything on the market. We go to great lengths to develop our poly cluster fiber 'in-house'. This means the filling is made entirely in the USA and more importantly, it gives us great control over every part of the manufacturing process. We develop our fiber very differently than the rest of the industry -both in terms of design and in terms of materials used in manufacturing it. We do not treat the filling with any chemicals whatsoever. Our fiber is Latex free, Phthalate free, Formaldehyde free, BPA free and Lead free. And we don’t use any flame retardants either.

But why didn't we choose something 100% organic for the filling? Well, we did a lot of tests with various organic and non-organic filling materials. We tested kapok, wool, cotton, hemp, buckwheat, down, foam and many others. Those filling materials were not comfortable, not good for a child's healthy development (neck and spine) due to the firmness and shape or they became useless after a few uses (lost shape, became lumpy, could not be machine washed -or cleaned in any way for some of them).

Our one of a kind cluster fiber filling, makes this pillow soft but long-lasting, with an average lifetime of 3 to 5 years. It will keep it's shape and it will not get lumpy, even after hundreds of wash/dry cycles!

With our Little One's Pillow we managed to create a product of unmatched craftsmanship. The supportive, premium hypoallergenic polyester fiber, is covered in the finest organic cotton around, all handcrafted together with great attention to detail. 

Washing Instructions: wash on cold, gentle cycle, and dry thoroughly on low.



And So Much More...

A Low Loft Plush Pillow

As adults, we may perceive the pillow as flat, but for a toddler that amount of filling is perfect. A pillow is a big step for any toddler and one that is too fluffy can cause all sorts of problems like neck kinks, restlessness or even unhealthy spine development. 

With the help of chiropractors and pediatricians we found just the right amount of filling needed for a toddler. Our pillow is on the flatter side, but it strikes a balance between flat and fluffy. Your little one will be so comfortable!

Our Filling is Different

On top of everything mentioned above, our filling has another huge advantage. Unlike most pillows our cluster fiber filling is specifically designed not to get lumpy. Instead of a continuous fiber filament, we use thousands of tiny fiber balls that rearrange constantly depending on the use of the pillow.

This being said, because we use little filling to help toddlers sleep in a healthy posture, in some rare cases, the filling has a tendency to bunch up or shift from side to side. Usually giving the pillow a good shake or a wash will fix the problem. 

Made With Love and Care in the USA

We strive to be very transparent when it comes to the manufacturing process and all the materials used in our pillows. Proudly made in USA, we support other local small businesses by sourcing all our raw materials from USA.

We are putting an incredible amount of love, care, dedication and personalized attention to detail into each and every pillow and this is easily reflected in our product's superior comfort and in how we treat all of our customers.